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Monday, June 14, 2010

Vancouver Day 3

Today started early. Todd & Jade had to be over at the MDRT prayer breakfast at 6AM... Elle and I had to be at rehearsal at 7AM. We actually didn't "rehearse" until 7:55... and the first (Welcome) main platform session was at 8AM.

Because Grampie was being acknowledged as President of MDRT, they had a little "ceremony". There were some Canadian First Nation people there (I HOPE to get photos to add later) and they did a dance and blessing in their native language which Ellen & I translated. (Someone thought we actually KNEW the language - hahaha! - Nope, it was a teleprompter!)

After we were seated (after our 30 seconds of fame), all the flags of all the countries represented at MDRT were paraded through... this was pretty awesome!

Grampie was on the stage a lot introducing people - and he also gave a good talk!
We watched several speakers.
John "Gucci" Foley formerly of the Blue Angels
and Marla Shapiro (Canada's "Dr. Oz") and one of Canada's "Most Beautiful People" and Cancer Survivor (she prefers "thriver").

and also the founder of Playing For Change (mute the blog music to listen to the video).

After the session, it was a MAD HOUSE!!!!!!!!! Grampie was a ROCK STAR!!!!! People CROWDED around him and everyone wanted his picture. It was hysterical!!!! What was even FUNNIER was that they wanted photos of US becuase we were his children... and many of them did not speak English, so they just grabbed you and thrust you where they wanted you to be.
When we finally broke free of our fans, we went to lunch.

and walked around Robson street. We found a yummy little grill and a cupcake shop (Todd was the only one who got a cupcake - Lemon).
Then we went back to the room and CRASHED!!!! (I think I slept for 2 hours.) D watched TV and did computer.
Then Indian food as a family after... Salaam Bombay (I am going to Yelp it 4 stars).

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