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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Canadia!!!! (Eh)

We made it.
Our day started at 5:30AM.
Jade & Elle met us at our house and we headed to John Wayne. (I woke Lando up and hugged him and kissed him since we will not see him for SIX AND A HALF WEEKS while he is in Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - he was heading up a few days early to Seattle for a short visit with friends. I already got a text saying "Mom. I. Am. Moving. To. Seattle."... UGH!!!!!!!!!)
We flew to Vancouver via San Francisco.
The Vancouver airport was lovely.

Customs was effortless for us (not for Todd, when he arrived several hours later and got pulled out for extra interrogation - after already having a delayed flight and missing his connection in Chicago!! - Poor Guy! :(

We were met by Grammie & Drew at the airport and they already had the rental car all handled. We went back to G&G's hotel and said "hi" to President Grampie, the MDRT Rock Star who was just hanging out it the Royal Suite with a spectacular terrace with breathtaking view!
Can you see the GRASS on the whole roof of the building behind us?
And you can tell, but this is all RIGHT on the water
We went to our hotel, a couple blocks away, and checked in. Then we FINALLY got lunch (at 4:00). Grammie, Jade, and Elle took off to get Todd at the airport (and wait for his cavity search to finish - haha).
They finally got back to the suite.
Then dinner with the whole clan!!!!! (We missed you, 2 Saras!)
It was almost 10:00PM by the time we headed back to the hotel and it wasn't even completely dark yet... sunset is at like 9:30 or something.

Can't wait to see the city tomorrow!
Night Night!

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