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Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh No! Say It Isn't So! I (finally) Turned The Big FOUR-O!

A beautiful black & white extravaganza!

I wasn't really dreading turning 40... but I WAS kinda dreading the party celebrating it.
The day after Christmas is a tough day to ask people to do something. I didn't want to put my friends out (ESPECIALLY the ones planning it!!!)
So I buried my head in the sand and blissfully carried on my December preparations & celebrations in denial while my amazing husband, friends, and Mom planned away.

I DID have the job of shopping for a red dress & shoes... I secured the dress early... the shoes were a booger and Miss M and I finally found them on my birthday - the day of the party (phew! couldn't have done it without her!!!).

It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!... Could NOT have been prettier! The black & white, the tulle, the flowers, the lights & lanterns, the apothecary jars filled with treats, the candles, and the CAKE (nore on that later)... It was a real grown-up party (I guess that means I really am a grown-up now that I am 40?).

It was gorgeous and I could've gone home happy after just seeing the decorations... but NO... there was a party to follow. People came and ate and seemed to have a good time. I even had a good time (D said to him, I never even look like I feel or am uncomfortable - I should go into ACTING, for sure!!! :) It was fun though and I felt very loved... again... especially by D, Shel, Suez, & Tyra.

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now on to the pictures thanks to official Momarazzi photographer extraordinaire, Shelly!

Me & my LOVE - definitely the "Host with the Most"!!!
Oh Baby!
Me & my party planner sistas - look at their amazing decorating talent!
Me & my personal shopper
The delectable, all edible work of art, by MASTER baker (for love, not money), could-have-her- own-Ace-of-Cakes-show: Tyra
Cake topper - spectacular individually handmade gumpaste flowers & sparkly fondant balls (by Sophia) & fondant rolled by Leon (truly a family affair)
Me & Ty
Mom & Dad
The gorgeous yard - check out the lights & lanterns
Me resting my wimpy feet with Suez & Charmane
Eating tacos (appreciate the all WHITE flowers - with one red rose tucked in - so creative!)
Serving tacos - Mmmmmmm
The toast (look at the beautiful decorations!!!)
B&W toast at a B&W party
The whole Maslyn clan
Forced family fun (haha)
Tired from a LONG night (& day!!!)
Thanks all!!!!!!!!!!
What a FUN, happy birthday for me!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 was full and blessed.

Miss M's turn - reading the Christmas story from the Bible
Mom's turn
Uncle Drew
Thankfuls & Hopefuls
Happy birthday Jesus
Traditional Christmas morning stairs shot.
Santa came!!!!!!!!!!

Jackets from Gramma & Grampa
Mom's gift! Awesome!!!
Breaking out Dad's gift.
Did he know what it was?
He "cannot tell a lie... Yes."
Opening the box
Admiring the gift
Oooooooo... lots of space
At G&G's

Opening gifts
Miss M's new end table (mid-century modern)
Poor Dad - with his back out - opens gifts
Miss M sleeping
Grampie doing something unexpected :)
Carving the horseradish-crusted prime rib
Full of gratitude for a blessed day & year!
Thank you God.

Better Late Than Never - Miss M is 14

Miss M turned 14 back on November 2, 2009.
It was a day off school - but not a holiday - which made for a PERFECT Disneyland day!
GREAT friends Tessa & Parker had the day off too so the 3 of them were excited to spend a FUn day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Mom & Dad came too and were at the park all day... but it was more like a date for us because although we checked in with the teen periodically, they certainly never "hung out" with us (unless you count 10 whole minutes on Tom Sawyer's island!).

We had a great day though, and so did they.
Lots of fun!
Waiting for the Tram.
Buying tickets

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Tree Decorating 09

We had our annual Christmas Tree decorating festivities (better late than never). And because we waited until the 20th of December, Deevs had to miss is because he took off to Mammoth with the Longs until 12/23.
But other than missing him, we had the rest of the Fam together. (No small feat!)

Our tree is tiny, so we just decorated the kids' ornament collections. (Which one day we anticipate they will each take their collection with them when they establish homes of their own... and they will have a full trove of treasures with which to decorate their first trees.)

We have Jade with his Angels.

Lando with his Santas.
(Deevs will add his Bears when he gets home.)

And Miss M with her Snowmen (snowpeople?).
The tree is the same size as the boys!
3 of 4 sibs ain't bad
Dad's back was O.U.T. - bummer! :(
We also had our traditional fettuccine alfredo... AND even enjoyed a little serenade by Lando.
FUN evening. (But Deevs was missed.)

Brace Face No More

Well, it's final.
Miss M got her braces off today after 3 1/2 LONG years!!!!!!!!!!!
Her snaggletooth grin is no-longer.
It has been replaced by a straight, gleaming set of pearly whites.


Thanks Dr. H!
I can't BELIEVE we are actually DONE.
Great job Miss M! (And thanks Katie for the inspiration!)