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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Faith

S finds HER faith to be much stronger in the winter too!

I LOVE this cartoon.
I wish it wasn't so true.
But if you can't beat it, laugh at it!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

You know you are a soccer family when.....

As we leave to spend the entire weekend in rainy & cold Temecula, after spending all day last saturday in Claremont and all weekend NEXT weekend in Lancaster, for Miss M's soccer (not to mention Deev's current High School soccer season with DAILY practices from 3-5 and 2x weekly games), the below is deeply true, sad, and funny at the same time.
For non-sport families, I know it is probably not even mildly amusing.So, if you can't laugh WITH us, just laugh AT us, if you must.

You know you are a soccer family when...

...You have owned every style of camping chair ever made and have a strong opinion or review about the pros and cons of each model.

...Your kid takes a bloody wallop on the nose, and your first thought is that he needs to quit crying or be subbed because we're running out of time in the game.

...You know where every elementary school, jr. high, high school, college and park with a soccer field is in Southern California

....You know how to get to all of the above without getting lost

....Your gas credit card bills are bigger than your Nordstrom bill.

...All of your vacation time is taken up by soccer events. No more beach vacations, unless your team gets invited to Surf Cup. No more ski vacations ever again!

...You have had at least one occasion where you were happier to have found a hotel room in Lancaster for an 8am State Cup game, than you ever were to find a hotel room in Hawaii for your vacation

....You talk about "the Polo Fields" like it's your country club

....You know where Field #14 is at Surf Cup, and you know where to park so you have the shortest possible walk to it.

...You have seen all kinds of movies between tournament games that you would have never watched otherwise.
...There are posters of Englishmen and Brazilians in your house.

...You've forgotten where you go to church.

...Your child's "good shoes" are his newest soccer cleats.

...You and your spouse spend all weekend driving to soccer games. In different cars. In different counties. With different kids. And talk on the cell phone only to compare scores. And don't see each other until Sunday night.

... You are happy to spend $120 on soccer cleats, but are appalled when the materials for your child's science fair project cost $100

.... The kids on your team are 'feisty', while the kids on the opposing team are 'dirty'.

... You only have one kid in soccer and you only have one game today, but you are leaving at 8am. And won't be home until 3pm.
...You have been to several cities in the country that have wonderful tourist attractions, but while in these cities you have seen only soccer fields, hotels, rental car counters, and airports.

... The mats on your car's rear floor are never free of dried grass and black turf pebbles.

...When your kids go to a camp, it isn't the same kind of camp you went to when you were a kid.

...You look forward to Monday so that you can go back to work/school and relax.
... The only way your 5-year-old can tell the difference between a weekday and a weekend day is by the terms "school day" and "soccer day".

...You have not celebrated your anniversary for 3 years because it always falls on a practice or game day....You own a 2-year-old $50,000 SUV with 182,000 original miles.

...You have never met a competent Center Ref in your life.
...Your kids' soccer trainer moves into your spare room.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thank "W"

Take a moment to thank and honor George W. Bush, our 43rd President, whose legacy will ultimately speak for itself.
Watch the video on the site (it's pretty good). Then post your message of THANKS.

In the meantime, you can also watch this video.
Christians don't need to be embarrassed to be a Bush supporter... history will show that his legacy is one of honor, freedom, courage, strength, and faith.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wordle 2

Ok... one more... but only because I am ADDICTED!  (I have created like 47!!!!!... the "randomizer" is the coolest, or instead of that, you can change the font, layout, colors, orientation, etc. yourself.)


Elle created this Wordle on www.wordle.net.
It takes all the words you enter or words from your blog and makes them into this nifty word art.  

Don't you like how the COLOR I am kind of trying to move away from (as stated in a previous blog entry) is the MAIN huge word, in that very color?!?!  (I don't want to say the word again or it will be even MORE dominant - haha!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

From Beard to Beardless

So yesterday, I made the decision to take the plunge back into facial hairlessness. It sad departing from something that had become such an integral part of my identity but I managed to do it. I also managed to have a little fun with and documented the process at various stages and I am now providing those for your entertainment. Let's have fun and everyone vote for their favorite stage!

Stage #1 - The Full Beard

Stage #2 - The Goat

Stage #3 -  The Big "O"

Stage #4 - The 'Stache

Stage #5 - The Nude

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who looks like Who?

My birthday photos of me and Miss M with our faces right next to each other (and our kind of "non-resemblance" inspired us to see who looks most like each other.  Here are the first few... can't wait to add Lando to the mix!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Me in my new suit

As per Mom's request, here I am in one of my two new suits. Hopefully better pictures will be coming soon. Self portraits from a cell phone are tough!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In Living Color

I am sick of BROWN. (Heretofore known as "Br" or "that color" because of the wordle Elle made of this blog!)
I mean I still like Br.
I like brownies and rocky road and trees (trunks) and D's hair and my roots (well, not really my roots) and certain delectable color combinations like pink & brown and hot fudge, and scotchmallow bars, and many other brown things I'm sure.
But I am kind of OVER br as the main color in which our home is decorated.
Even though I decorated the piano room with RED... it is still heavy and dark with that other color that shall remain nameless.

I still like the pirate ship/renaissance/old world look, but I am kind of over it in my home.

I like colors.
I kind of miss them.
Life is too short to leave out color.
I want to live in full color.
I'm not exactly sure how or when I will be able to affect this transition, but here is a little picture I have in my head.

I know there is a leather chair in the mix, but I think leather (and yes, even a little of that particular color) have their place... I am just sick of Br every where I turn. I want my eyes to feast on patterns and colors and freshness and LIFE.

But where do I start? I am surrounded by BR.

My BLOG is that color.
Old habits dies hard.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tennessee Realtives

I am so excited that the Tennessee relatives finally posted an update on their blog about their Christmas in Gatlinburg.  Their cabin looks lovely... my sister-in-law and my brother and the kids made it looked homey and Christmasy, just like they had always lived there!
I am sad that they live so far away and that we don't get to share these moments with them, but I am glad they are keeping a blog some so that we can at least feel a little more connected.
Here are the 6 kids plus a friend.  They are all getting so big and old *sniff sniff*.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vacation is Over

It is bittersweet when vacation ends and the kids go back to school.  
I need to get back to work and the kids have homework to do, but I hate when vacation is over.
I like lazy days and sleeping in and friends hanging out and sleepovers and staying up late and going to the movies (we went to see Despereaux and Bedtime Stories today) and shopping and going out to eat and a little respite from sports and NO HOMEWORK!

I know we can't live in vacation world forever, but I'm not glad about it.
I'd better log out now and go set my alarm for far too early in the morning.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day at Walt's Place

Disneyland on New Year's Day was PACKED (had to park at Convention Center!)... you had to wait in LONG lines just to enter the parking structure, buy a ticket, or get into the park.  

But it sure was purty.

In front of the HUGE Christmas tree on Main Street

Christmas-y view down Main Street (Elle, Grammie, Jade, C)

Mom sitting on the ground to take photos during snow ("snoap").

Jade & C ~ on new Toy Story ride (Jade beat us all with 154,000 points)

Sleeping Beauty's Castle Kiss
Went on the new Small World all decked out for Christmas.
Went on Haunted Mansion all decked out as "Nightmare Before Christmas"... GREAT!!!
Went from 3:30PM -11:30PM.

Worth it!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR one & all!!!

Miss M banging pans at midnight (the neighbors love us!!).
Kens & Madi in background.
Playing "split second".
Deevs wrestling with JoeJoe & Jax
Gurzbra & GurzGirl
Mom & the twins