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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Babes In Arms

Miss M's 8th grade Theater Production class did "Babes In Arms" this year. She was very disappointed to get such a small roll and we were sad for her. She did GREAT with her 7 lines though and - as you can see from her facial expressions - she mad the most of her time on stage.

This was the end to 2 years and 4 productions in Theater. She doesn't think she will do theater in High School, so this is the end of an era.

Miss M as Nancy

Taking a bow

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Very Lovely Story

One day,

long, long ago...

there lived a wonderful woman who

did not whine or

nag or


But that was a long time ago,

- and -

it was just that one day.


22 Years~

Twenty two years ago D and I said "I do" to each other.
We said we would (in sickness and in health).
We said we would (in richer and poorer).
We said we would (for better or for worse).
We said we would (as long as we both lived).

When you are young and in love, this seems like it would be an effortless task.
As in:
The Pastor asks - "Will you take D for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in richer and poorer, as long as you both shall live?"
To which I answer "DUH!" or "No problem" or something equally blithe.

But 22 years gives you both a ton of large doses of reality and a LOT of perspective.
Sickness, poorer, and worse - for life is a long and hard proposition... Sooooooooooooo much longer and harder than you could EVER help a young engaged couple to understand.
And yet...

And yet.

The health, better, and richer parts... a lot deeper and fuller than you could EVER help a young engaged couple to understand.
SO worth it.
And you only get those if you hang in there through the sickness, poorer, and worse parts.

But would you choose it all, if you knew the whole picture in advance???
I think maybe that's part of the reason God doesn't let us know much in advance?...
Would you have kids if you knew all the possible fear, heartache, tears, and pain (even with the promise of joy, passionate adoration, giggles, and love)?
Would you have friends if you knew all the possible losses, hurts, betrayals, moves, abandonments, fights?
Would you drive a car if you knew you could crash?

I don't know why the answer is yes, but it seems to be.
For most of humanity, most of the time, the answer is a resounding yes.
I think it is (at least partly) because we were built - created - to HOPE. We were designed by God for connection and LIFE (full and abundant) and to want the best, long for the best, believe the best, hope for the best... even though sometimes it makes no sense.

And to love and to be loved... is there really anything better to take a risk for? (Although I think, in the end, I am GLAD I didn't know in advance all that I was choosing... but I wouldn't UNchoose it :)

Let me cease waxing philosophical and say that in celebration of these 22 years of sickness, health, richer, poorer, better and worse, D & I spent a few nights in the Desert - just the 2 of us (thanks Jesses!).

We went to Palm Springs for the day on Sunday... It was (strangely) gray & rainy.
We hiked out Tahquitz Canyon to the waterfall.
We brought a little picnic and enjoyed it in the sunshine on a rock with a perfect view of the crashing falls. It could NOT have been any prettier!

For those that ever want to go:

It is in Palm Springs. (Exit the 10 and head into town. Get over onto Palm Canyon Dr. - the "main drag" - When it bends, keep going straight. Turn right on Mesquite. The visitor's center is up ahead and you park in their lot.)

You HAVE to pay their admission price of $12.50 for adults and $6.00 for kids for a wrist band (or you are trespassing).
It is a 2 mile hike that they consider "moderate" - we saw people with toddlers & kids on the hike and we saw a couple grandmothers.
It is a loop (if done correctly - although many just hiked the same trail up & back).
The waterfall is seasonal so, do not wait too long in the summer to go out there (it will depend on how much rain there has been that winter).
In the summer, it sounds like the are closed Monday - Thursday.

Hiking toward falls, by streeam
At the falls (cell phone camera)
At the falls (cell phone camera)
After the hike, we drove to 3 mid-century modern Inns/hotels in town.
We got out of the car and looked around all 3 and they even took us in and showed us a room or two - AWESOME!

Then after that, we drove through one of the MANY mid century modern neighborhoods just to appreciate the architecture.

We ate at a crappy mexican restaurant on the strip (Maracas - avoid it. Yes, I already wrote my Yelp review) then headed back to Rancho Mirage and saw "Robin Hood" at The River.
The next day was POOL day all day then dinner at the Yard House.
Tuesday was pool for a few hours before driving home (with 1/2 hour stopover at Cabazon outlets) to sad, sick and mopey kids :(

It was a relaxing - if too short - weekend. (THANKS Grammie & Grampie for watching the kids.)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

❤ ❤ ❤ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ~ⓜⓞⓣⓗⓔⓡⓢ~ⓓⓐⓨ❤ ❤ ❤ PART 2

We had a lovely family day.

After receiving the BEST gift EVER (see my video in the post below!!!!), D & I went out to bagels for breakfast. We came home and relaxed a while.

Then we met the rest of the family (Grampie, Grammie, Elle, Drew, and even Jade's friend, Kyle - but not Sar because she had to work :( at the movie theater for IRON MAN 2.

Then we went to Islands for dinner. FUN - as always!

After that, to Cherry on Top for frozen yogurt (thankfully, they had caramel mocha with heath bar topping for Grammie - YAY!).
Grammie opening her Brighton nightlight.

Grammie in her favorite spot she created to eat her yogurt!
Grammie obsessed with Titanic :)
Then they all stopped by our house to see how the closet is coming along (I LOVE to show it off).

Then everyone quickly dispersed. Lando headed back to school, Jade took Sara out for a date, Elle headed home, G&G also went home (Grampie just got back from Thailand and is BEAT).

All in all an enjoyable and love and family filled day.
And now it's REAL people, because I blogged about it!... so you can relax, it actually happened!

❤ ❤ ❤ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ~ⓜⓞⓣⓗⓔⓡⓢ~ⓓⓐⓨ❤ ❤ ❤

What a special gift I got this year!

In addition to a custom website from JADE, I also got personalized messages from each of the kids and D.

Then they put together this spectacular video.
(Yes, you BET I got teary!)

While I spent the day lounging at the pool with my friends (ahhhhh), they were secretly putting this little gem together.
Jade & Lando wrote the custom lyrics - FUNNY!!!!
Deevs & Lando sang - ahhhh!
Miss M made the video - awesome!
And, like I said, Jade stayed up late into the morning MAKING the site - so great!

MUTE the music at the side - and for a "full size" version (not cut off because of my blog lay-put), link here http://mom.maslyn.us/family/

It was so funny later to hear all the contortions they went to to make this in 24 short hours! Sara wanting to show me something on the computer but then realizing she couldn't because they were making this, so she comes out and says "I can't show you right now."
I say "OK, why?"
She says "Um... cuz I'm HUNGRY".

Me, asking Lando where he is and him saying "Where AM I???"
"The canyon"
"what canyon"
"Um.. modjeska canyon"
"you sound like you're in a house"
"I am in a house... in the canyon"
"oh, who are you with?"
"But whose HOUSE are you at?"
"Oh... um... taylor stanton"
"Oh. What are you going to do."
"A photo shoot."
"For the music you'll be playing?"
"No. Just for fun."
"At this pool out here."
"Canyon pool?"
"No. A different pool."
"OK... well have fun."

Miss M suddenly deciding not to stay later for painting & costumes at drama.
D and Deevs taking HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS to get Deev's ears pierced and me asking "why is this taking so long? how hard can this be?" (They were supposed to be joining us at the pool, but never came.)
I am SO glad I was nice and understanding and patient instead of crabby and demanding like I can sometimes be :/

What a sweet and loving gift.
I'm rich.
From the song Poor Folks Town "we're rich in love and that's one thing that we've got plenty of"

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deevs Does it

Awesome young man.
Good character.
Strong grades.
Wise choices.
Great attitude.

How could we say "no"?

More Home Updates

I took a gamble on Etsy and got a pair of vintage pinch pleat drapes originally from Sears & Roebucks. Do you remember these from your Grandma's house?

We went and bought the traverse rod and put the hooks into the pleats and hung them up.
I thought it would be complex and difficult, but it was actually VERY self-explanatory.
I am pretty happy with how they look.
I think they will look even better with the new paint color - when we finally choose it!

Here is a little vintage kitsch - the napkin holder.

(You can also see some paint possibilities taped to the wall behind... not sure what we are doing... we shall see.)

The closet is continuing to shape up day by day.
We picked a light and D installed it.

I told D "it is all turning out better than I could've imagined it!
I can't believe it is actually happening!

Dining booth is ordered.
Won't be here for 5 weeks.
Now that I have decided, I am IMPATIENT!
Sooooooooooooo excited!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Closet Continuation

As D progresses on the closet renovation, I simply MUST gush a little!
His expertise and work ethic have made this probably the cheapest renovation on the face of the planet. It has taken VERY little in the way of supplies to create this room... it has take WAY more time and knowledge and sweat equity. He has saved us a fortune (like he does on SO many things like car maintenance and repair etc.).

It is moving along at QUITE a steady pace, especially considering he is also running his own business and going out on appliance repair calls!

New door cut into wall between our bedroom & new closet.
View of framed in new wall with drywall still to be hung.
View from other angel - looking in at what USED to be a huge, floor to ceiling window that has now been framed in and covered with drywall.
View from our room of what USED to be our closet - with all the shelving & hanging rod removed - into the new closet.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rubiks Cube Bros

A few years ago, Deevs was on a Rubik's Cube kick. He got one for Christmas then went online and learned algorithms to solve it and was quite a pro at it. Then over time, his passion faded and he kind of forgot a little (not entirely).

He got a new one this past Christmas and his love resurfaced a little, but not much. Then something happened a couple weeks ago where he found his cube again and has been timing himself solving it. Then he found ANOTHER one and has been timing himself solving two!

Then Jade came over and - their brains work very similarly in many ways - Deevs was delighted to not only share the formulas, but also to let Jade borrow one!

Maybe now they can RACE? ;)

2 of our genius kids.
Deevs teaching Jade how to solve the Rubik's cube.

We Heart Popcorn

Have I mentioned that our family LOVES old fashioned (real) popcorn?
Dad loves movie popcorn DRENCHED in butter and the microwave "movie" popcorn best (poor guy, why do I always buy the low fat kind?).

Mom (I) am not a huge fan of either one.

The kids like movie popcorn. They will not go out of their way to make microwave popcorn - but will eat it if it is around.

But we all LOVE yummy, oil popped popcorn with salt.
I grew up with this and it is what my taste-buds CRAVE when I think of popcorn.
Storing this monstrosity of a popper is no easy task... but it is worth it! Yum!