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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Annie Jr.

Miss M's Jr. High production of Annie Jr. opened this weekend.
She is playing the role of "Grace", Daddy Warbuck's Personal Assistant.
She gets to sing "I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here" and "NYC" as well as a few reprises.

"We have but one request, please put us to the test, we think you're gonna like it here."
"NYC, what is it about you?"
Christmas Day - the President of the United States visits.
Closing number - "Tomorrow"
Taking a bow.


Senior guys at Lando's school can enter the "Mangeant" (Man Pageant) every Winter/Spring.  Lando entered and competed in formal wear, interview, swim wear, and talent segments to background music which included "It's Raining Men" and other classics.

In Interview, the boys were asked bizarre questions ranging from "when you look in the mirror, what do you see?" ("Me.") to "What ocean borders California?" ("The Pacific") to "What should you do with all the hungry people in the world?" ("Feed them.") to "How would you solve the economic crisis?" ("Create more jobs." - wow!... he should go into politics!)

For swim wear (which had to meet appropriate school dress code) the kids & their escorts were very creative: full wet suits, inflatable inter-tubes, and Lando & Em switched gender roles and Lando wore a sun dress and visor and Em wore "guy" beach clothes... hilarious!  I WISH MY PICTURES HAD TURNED OUT! :o(

In talent, some of the talents were funny:
A couple singing "Can you feel the love tonight" as a duet while other guys blew bubbles and sprinkled rose petals, 3 of the contestants rapped together, 1 guy wrote a hilarious "emo" monologue, one guy did "freestyle rapping" (or should I say "wrapping" because he came out and wrapped a present... hysterical!!!  However, Lando sang, played the piano, and played the guitar - one of the only serious talent performances, and quite good, if this proud Mommy does say so herself!

A movie of the announcements of the winners.  
(Can you tell how bad the lighting & my seats were?)

The proud 1st runner up & his escort!

Monday, February 23, 2009

HSM Bowl 09

This Sunday we were at FloJo from 2PM-6PM for the annual "HSM Bowl" (flag football) through the church high school ministry.
It was the first time I ever remember having all 3 of our boys participating in the bowl one way or another at the same time! (Miss M who is neither a boy nor in High School chose a more girlie venture and went to the mall with a friend.)

Lando's team (the "Charstangs" - 1/2 Chargers & 1/2 Mustangs) woulda coulda shoulda won the whole thing, but it was a fun day nonetheless.

The Charstangs.
Dad & Lando - strategizing?

The Penguinos: Buffalo, Jared, & Deevs

Deev's team, the "Penguinos" had a lot of support and fan paraphernalia. 
Jade was a referee
The Penguinos in huddle.
Deevs going out for a pass
Mom and Dad - #1 fans!  
Mom & Lando
Some photo credits go to Shelly & her new Canon camera and "glass"... Thanks Shel!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mud Ball

I think these photos speak for themselves.

This is Valentine's Day, right after a couple days of rain (one BIG day of rain).

We won 6-0... Miss M even had a header goal!!!!!!!!
(Woo Hoo)

They were pretty wet and a little bit muddy... 
but in celebration of their WIN, they had a team mud sliding & rolling party (minus our keeper who didn't want to get dirty???).

Miss M got head-butted.
These 2 photos do not do the shiner justice!
Mud pose
Getting into the car is going to be LOVELY!
Miss M, Kens, Fergie
Miss M, Kens, Fergie

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Driving Deevs

Today is Deevs' official 15 1/2th birthday.

In honor of that we celebrated... at the DMV.
He took his driver's permit test (thanks to Uncle Matt for coming through with a last-minute certificate forgotten by Mom - oops!!!!) and passed by the skin of his teeth!

Taking the test. Nervous.
Deevs with his permit!
Way to go driver boy!!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


On our way home from Mammoth, we stopped at Manzanar
about which Wikipedia says:

Manzanar is the site of one of ten "War Relocation Centers" (or "relocation camps," "relocation centers," "internment camps," or "concentration camps" - controversy over which term is the most accurate & appropriate continues to present day) where over 110,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned during World War II.

It is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas in California's Owens Valley between the towns of Lone Pine & Independence. Manzanar (spanish for “apple orchard”) is one of the better preserved of the former camp sites, and was designated the Manzanar National Historic Site.

Outside the center
Miss M standing by the miniature model of Manzanar
Lando at Manzanar
Deevs getting a family ID tag

Watching the 22 minute documentary
Miss M at the memorial

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Still More Mammoth '09

Mom & Lando @ McCoy
Dad & Miss M @ McCoy
@ McCoy for lunch on the last day
Miss M

Lando hitting a jib. 
(Mom trying to sound like she knows what she is talking about.)

More Mammoth '09

Hangin' in the condo in the morning, getting ready (after a hearty "breffy" of eggs, sausage, steak, toast, OJ).
The guys
Where's Lando???
Miss M & Mom will come later.
Waiting for the boys after a day off.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mammoth '09

We are so sad Jade couldn't join us for this EPIC trip shreddin' the pow-pow in Mammoth!  (Busy with calls and meetings for his new job helping people with life insurance, long-term care insurance, retirement, disability planning etc .)
Minus him though, we had the whole crew.
We left at 4:30AM on Thursday, dropped the gear off at the condo and Dad and the kids were on the mountain snowboarding by 10:30.  
Mom had to go rent skis so she got a 1/2 day pass and joined the Fam at 12:30.

It has not really stopped snowing since we arrived so we are enjoying the fresh, deep powder. (Well, at least MOST of us are.  Miss M is a little bitter at it.)

We have had a few minor wardrobe malfunctions:
Mom needed new goggles (major fogging episodes helped us to know what it might be like to ski if you were nearly blind!)
Boards sitcking - needed waxing.
Hands were FREEZING - glove liners purchased.
Legs cold - long underwear bought.

1st day we thought the mountain closed at 4:30 so didn't get back to the Mill to get our car in time.  The kids walked back to the condo from Canyon Lodge while Mom & Dad had to take the gondola into the village (from Canyon) then catch the redline shuttle back toward main lodge to the Mill where the suburban was the last car in the parking lot... covered with a foot of snow.

Lunch on the mountain at McCoy. (Memories: Lando making friends with Alex from Mumbai & Jose who made AWESOME  grilled roast beef paninis with bacon, Dad tipping George at check out, Miss M falling asleep face down on the wood bench.)

Dinner in the condo:
Soup & crusty french bread (Broccoli & Cheese or chicken tortilla)
Spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad
Polska kielbasa, potatoes, salad

Hey, keep your eyes on the road.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
Getting ready to shred the Gnarnia.
Winter wonderland.
Jade, wish you were here!