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Monday, February 15, 2010

Sole Mates

Jade & Sara's photo and story made yet another appearance.
This time on Elle.com (Elle Magazine's website).

Their 15 minutes of fame has been extended!

Hanging Photos

We got got some photos enlarged & developed and then we even bought frames and then we even HUNG THEM UP!!! This blank wall has been begging for something since... well... since we took down the massive 1997 classic denim photo.

Now it finally has some new, updated photos of our whole clan. *sigh*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day 2010

Valentine's day -

Miss M was still on her Apache Mission trip LOVING on the Apache people.

Katie had planned a special date but Deevs wasn't feeling well so they decided to reschedule. They just went to dinner and to get caramel apples for dessert.

Meanwhile, Mom & Dad went on a date to Fondue... yum yum!

I am will work on seeing if I can get photos of J&S's birthday date and Lando & Emmy's lunch date.

This was a cute video I posted on the kids' facebook pages wishing them a Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miscellaneous Life Shots (Jan '10)

Here is a collection of random photos taken over the last month of the various random activities that make up our lives:

Lando has been working with Dad to learn some appliance repair... hopefully not for a lifetime trade, but it may come in handy to hep pay bills & supplement income. Here he is installing our "new" dishwasher (a hand-me-down, but NEW to us :)

Miss M and her friends on "twin day" (although, they made it "triplet day") at Jr. High. They won 2nd place!!!
Scroll down to the bottom of this entry and you will see them - a few weeks later - with their crazy make-up & hair for their drama production.

We went to a football-play-offs-watching-day at Frank & Dawn's... FUN!
We invited the whole clan - and, to my GREAT delight, they ALL came! Jade & Sar, Lando & Emmy, Deevs & Katie, & Miss M (and Tessa was there to hang out with since it was her house).

Chargers lost to Jets and our beloved Vikings (Go Favre!) beat the Cowboys (sorry Dawn :(
(Tho' they would go on to lose to the Saints who won the Superbowl this year.)

"The sensation that is sweeping the nation!"
"The blanket with sleeves!"

"Blankets are OK,
but they can slip and slide -
plus your hands are trapped inside.
The Snuggie™ Blanket keeps you totally warm
and gives you the freedom to use your hands!"

Yes, I finally succumbed and bought a Snuggie (as seen on TV)...
Check out the remote control in the pocket!
Deevs & Kyle at the Kill Ball tournament - their team all dressed as scouts.
Miss M & Lando just hanging around the house (Lando was still home on 6 week winter break)
Sunday, Game Night! (Balderdash, this time.)
Miss M & friends ready for their roles as Hip Hop Faeries in Shakespeare's
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Happy 21st, Sara!

Sara's birthday is Valentine's day. She turned 21 this year. Although she is homesick, being away from her family & friends for her birthday, we were happy to get to celebrate her with a birthday dinner of Grammie's famous spaghetti (Luke's famous quote from YEARS ago : "Grammie, why IS your spaghetti so famous?").

She got a few gifts including a Disneyland Annual Pass - so now she & Jade can go together for a whole year! (Thanks Grampie & Grammie!!!)

♪♫•**•.¸¸.•**•♫♪ "Happy Birthday to You" ♪♫•**•.¸¸.•**•♫♪
♫♪"Happy Birthday Dear Sara"♪♫

♪♫•**•.¸ "Happy Birthday to You" ¸.•**•♫♪
jade & the birthday girl
"OH! Fake, plastic ice cubes? Thanks!"

Miss M's First Mission

Miss left for President's Day weekend (and Valentine's) on friday at 7:30AM. (They return Monday at 5PM.) They are going on an Apache trip to Whiteriver, AZ. They will be helping to paint houses, light building tasks, trash clean up, and even working at a Carnival for the local children.

It is supposed to be VERY cold (low at night of 25 degrees - Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr). Several of Miss M's friends went too. So hopefully, they will each grow in the Lord, grow as Individuals, grow and friends, and HELP others. (Albert Einstein said "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."
- Nice!!!)
Ready to Go.
Miss M and Tess

Bye Mom
Bye Dad
Waiting to get on bus
Do YOU want to spend 10 hours on a bus with 45 Jr. Highers??? (God bless those volunteers!!!! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miscellaneous Family Pics '10

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?
Are you sick of our faces yet?
Are there just too darn many photos?


It's my blog and I love these photos (and I love us) and so I will put up many many photos and for ME, the only way there could ever be enough is if I posted all 450 of ours and all 450 of Jade & Sara's. Actually no, there STILL wouldn't be enough... and I would still want Alanna to come and take more.

I am filled with gratitude for these photos and that God has provided them... that we get the opportunity to have luxuries like this.
I am filled with gratitude for a fun day & memories.
I am filled with gratitude for each one of the people IN all these photos.
Oh how my heart fills with love and thankfulness for THEM in my life:
Jade (and now Sara)
Miss M.
It just doesn't get any better than this.

Again, it just doesn't get any better than this.

Family Photos 2010

Here are some of the favorite family shots from the 450 shots Alanna took.