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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day 2010

This was an slightly unusual Father's Day this year.

It was especially fun to have just spent 5 days in Vancouver commemorating a special time in my OWN father's (Grampie's) life as President of MDRT with the father of my children! So I felt like we had just HAD a 5 day great Father's Day!!!

But Father's Day Sunday was unusual because the "B" kids had spent the night and were with us to celebrate. It was FUN, but definitely a different morning than we are used to... with Deevs, Miss M, Jade, and the "B" kids, we had a FULL HOUSE!

I made pancakes at the request of the "B" kids (that sounded like a fitting Father's Day breakfast!). When D woke up he tended to Miss M's stitches for a wound the cause of which shall remain nameless (rhymes with "mort memoval").

After that, it was PRESENT time. Miss M and Deevs - with the help of the "B" kids - carried in the gifts from the car and presented them to Dad (Uncle Darren). He got an antigravity chair and a watch to add to his collection.

Jade came over and played with the kids for a while (that was fun for them... THANKS Jade). Then Mr. B came and took the kids home to celebrate Father's Day with them - I think they were building a snake enclosure for the baby snake they found.

And we headed off to the beach.

It was a bit hazy down there, but still a lovely day. It was just us, minus Lando (Alaska) and Sara (work). Deevs and Miss M went for a run up to the pier and ended up leavin together a little earlier than us - they had to study for finals. We stayed later with the 2 of us and Jade... we were all reading our books. We headed back around 6:00. A very relaxing & lazy day.

We went to G&G's for dinner (Las Golandrinas) to celebrate Grampie's fatherness. We got him Glenn Beck's new novel "The Overton Window" and Season 1 of "Chuck". We hung out for a while then headed home.
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, FATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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