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Monday, June 14, 2010

Vancouver Day 2

After a lovely breakfast where Drew and I discovered we were dressed like twins (he went back and changed - Haha!),
Todd herded us all to church. I think we thought it was a much shorter walk that it turned out to be... over 3 miles... which was long for some of the non-walkers in the bunch. We eventually made it, a little late, but still in time for some of the singing (which was all familiar, so that was fun). We misunderstood and thought Grammie didn't want to go, but she did... so she took a cab and met us there.
walking to church
still walking to church

After church we found the subway ("sky" train - WTH???) and took it back to our hotel and got our car.

We then drove to Granville "Island" (which is really a peninsula). This was a very touristy area. The public market was crowded and fun and the produce looked AWESOME! (Todd's pear was YUMMY, Darren's apple was not.) The food stalls LOOKED great but were NOT. Grammie's lemon chicken was greasy and gross, the fried oysters had not been cleaned (gag!), my pierogies were decent but the cabbage roll was not good, Darren's smoothie was tasty. Brave eater that we are, we all gave it another shot with raspberry tarts which were quite good.

Everyone else headed back but D and I took the rental mini-van and went to look for Nature. We left Vancouver and headed into the mountains. We passed Capilano Suspension bridge (thinking we would come back another time, but it doesn't look like we will make it). We went up to Grouse Mountain. We took the Ariel Tramway (gondola) up

then hiked around a bit (there was a Grizzly Bear enclosure - see him in the back there??).

Then we took a chairlift up even higher up. It was really neat to be able to get a view of Vancouver from way up there and to see the lay of the land... it helped to understand the city so much more.

After we came down the mountain, we were still able to make it (albeit a little late) to dinner with the Fam at G&G's hotel.

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  1. I knew I like your Mom right off the bat! Smart woman taking a cab to church! hahahahahaa!!!