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Friday, June 18, 2010

Au Revoir Vancouver

After seeing Todd off, D and I went back to the hotel to say goodbye to Grampie since he was heading over to MDRT (Jade & Elle went too). Then we had over an hour to go see Stanley Park. Which is the big park on a peninsula attached to Vancouver... kind of like Central Park, but not right in the middle of the city.

We drove through the whole park, getting out at various points, like the totem poles and the lookout point.

We briefly drove through China Town which has (sadly) become a seedier part of town, it looked like Meth Central. It looked like it was once kind of cute... but apparently, even most of the Chinese restaurants have left the area.

Then we met up with everyone else and tried to grab lunch real quick, but were kept waiting a LONG time for a table and for our food. We stuffed the food in our faces then dashed back to the hotel to pack and get to the airport.

We turned in the rental car and check our bags.
We went through customs IN Canada (which, when they were finished they said "Welcome to America" and they said it was like an embassy or consulate).
We got onto the plane and flew from Vancouver to San Francisco.
We had a 2 hour lay-over in San Francisco and at a little food court.
Back in America, Elle could finally use her phone!!!
Jade rode back & forth on the moving walkway talking to Sar... he could finally use his phone too!
2 hours later at 10:45PM, we were back at home, safe and sound.
What a great family trip. I wish EVERYONE had been able to go, but it was awesome to be with all the siblings and to celebrate Grampie being the PRESIDENT of MDRT!!!!!
Thanks Grampie & Grammie for a BLESSING of a trip!!

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