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Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Closet Continuation

Wow! The closet has made progress.

You saw Lando & D working to close in the HUGE window in what was once Maddie's room.
You saw the room begin to get framed in.
You saw the door get punched through,

Since that time, D put up all the the drywall, hung the door, textured, and painted,
He rewired the electricity, moved the light switch and added a new overhead light (a little bit of a retro feel :)

We finally decided that we could get what we wanted for a price we could live with at Ikea. We are not huge fans of Ikea over all, but their "Pax" closet system fit the bill well enough for what we were doing. We were quite happy with our choices & design.

The night the cabinets finally arrived, Jade & Sara came over and Jade worked with his dad for 4 hours, sweating and being manly... They put together all the big "boxes" (frames) for the closet. They put them together in out bedroom, then slid them out into the main room and the hall, then had to bring them all back in, one x one and bring them into the tiny closet and stand them up and put them in where our design placed them.


But here is a photos of their handy work, the next morning:

The next morning, Deevs got home from spending the night at his friend's house and jumped in to work (trying to earn money to put toward a "fixie" bike) to assemble and install drawers and shelving and hanging rods, and baskets.

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