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Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Living Color 2

You may (or may not) recall that a little more than a year ago I said I was sick of BROWN and that I wanted to add some COLOR to our home.

The process has begun (slowly - but surely). We have some GREEN and some orange and some yellow! I will update as we change other things (like the wall color, for example. and one day I would love WHITE kitchen cabinets).

I also want to put in our inspirations to show where we are KIND OF heading... but there are a couple different directions we could go, so stay tuned.

sofa, carpet, table, pillows
different angle
New dining booth, table chairs... although the table is not working because of the legs (we need a pedestal). See below for other items we are considering.

Entry hall credenza, bought from "estate sale"...
and FAB mirror sculpture to go above it
Little phone, paper, pens station (obviously, the cabinets behind it need SERIOUS help, but that is not a cheap fix, )

"New" credenza under TV

Below are some of the items I am craving (or at least considering):
Backsplash for kitchen
ball clock (different colors or maybe wood)
Fun fun fun wall clock!
Possible dining table styles:
Saarinen style tulip dining table
or Eames style dining table
What about going a whole different direction with SOME of the pieces?
What about a little retro diner in the eating area???

I also really like this lamp.

And what do you do about WINDOW COVERINGS??? I am at a complete loss! A ot of websites are saying cafe curtains and barkcloth and pinch pleats but I am SOOOO unsure about color and pattern... Hmmmmmm.

Like I said, stay tuned...

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