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Friday, April 2, 2010

Cyclist Deevs

Deevs sold a Lens on craigs list and using that and his (months early) bday money, purchased a used bike he found online.

Here he is getting ready to ride to church (7-8 miles, think?).

Lando has been super into bikes lately and now Deevs is too.
I don't have photos of Lando yet (I wish I had gotten some of him & his friend Jake working the whole weekend in the garage, fixing & painting!)

I am happy for their new hobby and interest but I am also worried... I get nervous when they are out riding that they will get hit by a car or crash and have a head injury. I am a stickler for helmets, but grown and nearly grown boys don't always listen to their mamas :(

Maybe I will spank them both soundly and put them to bed!

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