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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

It was a full weekend celebrating the resurrection of our LORD with the family! We did our traditional Saturday morning egg hunt, baskets, and brunch at Grampie & Grammie's.
Gone are the days of little bright-eyed and bushy tailed kids squirming to stay in their rooms until 7:00AM because they are SO eager for candy and gifts... now, we head down after teens & young adults (and Dad!) have awoken from their slumber... so it was closer to 10:30.

Also a little untraditional, Dad had an appliance call with Lando prior do being able to come down (they couldn't turn it down, I mean, it WAS, after all a whirlpool dryer, not heating! - Sheesh!).

We did not do money eggs this year. (Lando was disappointed and thought that in honor of Jesus having risen, he deserved a "cash prize" - we all got a good laugh out of that one!). Drew and I DID however, do an interpretive dance (I'll have to secure a photo or two from Elle).

Finding Jade & Elle's clever hiding spots!
Deevs wasn't fooled!
Miss M

Must be a remnant $1 egg from LAST year!
Instead of money eggs, we got everyone a pair of TOM'S Shoes for their baskets!

Trying on TOMS.

Father/Son bonding on the Sport Court
Late in the afternoon most of the kids took off. Drew had band practice back up in LA, Deevs & Miss M went to exchange their TOMS for different sizes & styles, and Lando went to play volleyball with friends.

Mom, Dad, Grammie, Grampie, Elle, and Jade stayed at G&G's and watched "Sherlock Holmes" which was certainly enjoyable!


We arrived at Angel's stadium by 7:45AM to serve at the 30th Anniversary Saddleback service.

We were "Section Hosts". Lando & Jade did one section... they did a GREAT job welcoming, greeting, and engaging their guests! And seemed to have a fun time doing it!

Deevs and Dad had a section. They were at the FAR end, alone and their section was small and slow to fill up which was discouraging at first, but revved up right before the service started.We had LOTS of prizes to give away. This was not as fulfilling as it may seem. People were not grateful recipients, but kind of (dare I say it?) - Greedy. They wanted more and more and more. If I could advise the planning team for next year, it would be no gifts unless everyone gets the same gifts in their bag... it was chaos!

We still had a GREAT time serving as a family! I PRAY a lot of people came to Christ as a result of the efforts of this special day to share with them God's love for them and all Christ did for them on the cross!

As soon as service started, we were allowed to go back to our seats for the rest of the service.

After the service was over, the Jonas brothers sang 3 songs. We were NOT that far away, but they looked so TINY on that HUGE field!

After the service, we were tired & hungry, but happy!We were going to maybe go OUT to brunch, but we ended up coming home & BBQing, watching TV, resting...
and experiencing a LARGE earthquake! It was not that big here, but just a short way into Mexico, it was pretty large at 7.2... but I guess it was pretty deep which - they are saying - made it not FEEL as strong. It lasted a really long time... it felt like it just kept going & going. Wow! That was some unexpected excitement for the afternoon!

All in all, it was a lovely Easter weekend. We are SO grateful to be able to celebrate that our Savior ROSE and is Risen (indeed!) with each other. I couldn't IMAGINE a more pleasurable way to spend 2 days.
Thank you God for such ABUNDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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