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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In Living Color

I am sick of BROWN. (Heretofore known as "Br" or "that color" because of the wordle Elle made of this blog!)
I mean I still like Br.
I like brownies and rocky road and trees (trunks) and D's hair and my roots (well, not really my roots) and certain delectable color combinations like pink & brown and hot fudge, and scotchmallow bars, and many other brown things I'm sure.
But I am kind of OVER br as the main color in which our home is decorated.
Even though I decorated the piano room with RED... it is still heavy and dark with that other color that shall remain nameless.

I still like the pirate ship/renaissance/old world look, but I am kind of over it in my home.

I like colors.
I kind of miss them.
Life is too short to leave out color.
I want to live in full color.
I'm not exactly sure how or when I will be able to affect this transition, but here is a little picture I have in my head.

I know there is a leather chair in the mix, but I think leather (and yes, even a little of that particular color) have their place... I am just sick of Br every where I turn. I want my eyes to feast on patterns and colors and freshness and LIFE.

But where do I start? I am surrounded by BR.

My BLOG is that color.
Old habits dies hard.

1 comment:

  1. You totally covered the two things I was going to say (the chair and your blog), which totally made me laugh!

    It's really hard to change old habits. I love blue, and I even want to paint the walls in my house that color, but I'm afraid if I do, that I'll end up getting sick of it.

    I think it's all moderation. Your changing tastes are tripping me out. :) LOVE YOU!!!!