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Friday, April 2, 2010

Miss M's Backyard Camp Out

Miss M had 2 friends sleep over and even though it is EARLY Spring and still pretty chilly, they begged and begged to sleep in the tent in the back yard.

When i picked them up from church and they asked, I told them "No"... it was too cold, it was a pain in the neck, wait until summer etc. etc. (all the while knowing Daddy had already set up the tent in the back and it was waiting for them). OH how they worked it and cajoled and wheedled, but I held strong.

When we got home, I told Miss M (a little sternly) that I needed to speak with her and to step out back. She followed me, seeming a bit ready to argue and then she saw the tent already all set up! The reaction was worth the torturous 15 minute drive home from church.

Was it cold? Yes! They said it was freezing in the middle of the night! (Sometimes Mother might actually know best :)

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