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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

St. John Vacation - Days 1,2,3

We sat on the plane at the gate in Miami for 3 hours before take-off and didn't get into STT (St. Thomas) until 2AM... good thing we had a room for the night on STT!  
We got into the humidity of the early morning sweating, got to our tiny, air conditioned room at the Green Iguana, and promptly passed out.  

We woke up at 9AM and called out rental car company.  We checked out of the Green Iguana (the managers are originally from san diego, they are retired and move all around the world, living and working for a year or so in each place... pretty cool!).  
We rented our car, grocery shopped at the local Cost U Less (like costco) and headed over the the car ferry.  
We were pretty impressed with ourselves.  

Our house manager (Eric) met us as we exited the ferry and guided us through a curvy maze of roads to our house - Tre Scalini.
The view is just as delicious as the photos... ahhhhh!
You can hear crickets and birds and frogs chirping all night l
ong... it feels like we are in a tree house!
No air conditioning, but the weather is very mild at this time of year, so we're OK.
Weird: the bedroom (and bathroom) is only accesses by leaving the main body of the house (a "great room") and going out on the deck and then going into the bedroom.  
Same AMAZING view!
Zipped out to Cinnamon Beach (where the kids' handstand photo was taken last year) for a couple hours..  A little rainy & buggy because it was later in the day.
My real man and I picked up some quiche & salad and ate in for dinner.
Watched "Lars & the Real Girl" (sweet and tragically funny) on DVD in our bed and fell asleep by 9:30PM.

Up at 8:30AM.
Went to Starfish market for sammies to put in our cooler along with waters and sodas.
Explored a bit (francis bay & school ruins)... the green, wind-y tunnels of trees with drizzly rain is SO like Hawai'i.
We ultimately landed at Maho Bay for the day.

A little slice of heaven (with chickens)!

If we went to that beach every single day (which we won't), I would be just fine!
Thought of poor Tyra who would have been TRAUMATIZED by the THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of teeny tiny fish that surrounded us.
Also HUGE fish (grouper?) and long skinny fish (tarpin?) and sea urchins.
We read and basked and swam and relaxed.

Swung by the market again on the way home... we are going to eat in again tonight.
Daddy (D) will head out to a meeting in town for an hour or so while Mommy (me) BLOGS - ha!
Then we will eat and watch another movie and do it all again tomorrow.
We have real, quality problems I tell you!


  1. Why is my name coming up as Shelldog? :-)

  2. I can't find the photos of the glorious beach or your tree house? Where are they?????

  3. Oh boy..oh boy!!! Amazing!!! I want to see the photos when you can. I am SOOO happy you have this time together! Enjoy!!

  4. i can't find the photos either. what the heck???you entice us with the descriptions and then...nothing! sounds like you are having a glorious time!

  5. Sounds like a glorious time! Can't wait to see some pics when you return :)

  6. Sounds like you're miserable. That's okay. Maybe your next trip will be better. :P Haha.

    And I loved "Lars and the Real Girl." It was fantastic!