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Sunday, November 16, 2008

St. John Vacation - Day 7

Hello there.

We are getting fun & happy email updates from home:  Miss M's header goal yesterday and 2 league cup wins today (we're moving on!)!
  Lando's making progress on college applications!  Deev's going to church retreat & starting high school soccer.  C's new baby brother's safe arrival.

And some NOT as good updates from the Tennessee Bakers - their house as sprung a MAJOR leak... I am SO sorry (prayed for you on our deck these last couple of mornings.

Missing the family, but still happy to be on vacation!  MAN!, we need it!  And MAN, are we making the most of it!

After breakfast, 
Dad (Dar) went to a meeting on Hawksnest beach... pretty cool location!  Mom (S) woke up and prayed and did Bible study and then went for a walk (felt good - I am missing my regular walking!!!). When Dad got back, we packed and went to Trunk Bay.  This is the most crowded, touristy beach on the island (where all the day-trippers want to come), frequently voted one of the TOP beaches in the entire Caribbean.  It was pretty, true... but, it was crowded... and we didn't think it was any prettier than any of the other beaches we have been on this week. 
 We met a couple who moved to the island 3 years ago.  He started his own welding business (he said they NEED another good, hardworking, honest appliance repair man on the island) and she works at a restaurant.  I think it takes courage (or stupidity) to just up and leave everything you have known and move to another world (they were from Ohio).     
We drove through town in search of a coffee drink.  the only shop selling them was closed (boo!).  We went and got pizza & greek salad to go (to take home).  While waiting, we met to 25 year old girls who had just arrived 2 weeks prior to work for 5 months before heading home to Martha's Vineyard.  (Oh, to by young and adventurous and brave!)
On our way back home, we stopped and booked our trip to the other islands for Tuesday.  And we got some rubbing alcohol to pour in my ears (water).

I am up to 100+ mosquito bites (but who's counting?).
But I have been FORCING myself to eat RAW garlic for the last 3 days.  And although I do not smell too good (I'm sure), I don't think I am getting any new bites.
Worth it?
Not sure.

We watched our nightly movie and ate our pizza.
Heading to bed now.


  1. I'm actually reading your blog as I'm eating my AWESOME Jambalaya that I just made up! Who knew I was such an amazing cook! Sounds like you're having an amazing time - altho' I am jealous - I am REALLY happy for you and Darren. you guys need this time together!

  2. Okay..that garlic thing is just sort of gross! LOL SO glad you are having a great time friend!

  3. sounds like you are having a wonderful time. your pics are beautiful and you are one brave girl to put bathing suit pics on yyour blog. miss you and looking forward to lots of stories.

  4. Mmmm... I'm hungry for Jambalaya!

    The garlic IS gross... DISGUSTING!

    Trust me, the bathing suit pictures are HEAVILY monitored and MANY were deleted before even one was deemed worthy of making the cut!

    I didn't know that! Cool!