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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

St. John Vacation - Day 10

As I mentioned, we started the day with a flat tire (poor D).

We eventually got to leave the house and head to our daily Starfish Market trip 
where we bought our daily sandwich.  By the time we left it was raining and the skies were blanketed in thick, black clouds... not a very promising looking day for our last full day on St. John... BOO!
With the rain coming down fairly vigorously, we decided that our plans of basking in the glorious sun on a favorite beach was not in the cards right then.
So we took off down a new direction (more exploring) and decided 
to hike to Waterlemon Bay where Waterlemon Cay is (WaterLEMON, not melon and Cay is always pronounced "Key").
The hike was over a mile each way.
It was raining so we stripped down to just swimsuits... we didn't bring towels or chairs or anything... just snorkel gear and a couple bottles of water.
We hiked through the dripping greenery along the coast on a narrow trail at beach level.  It was actually a little chilly and VERY wet.
We met some people leaving and they said the snorkeling was good and worth it, so we were heartened.
We got in the water as soon as we got to the little sandy and rocky inlet.
Almost immediately, we saw a sea turtle munching on the sea grass.
We could get VERY close and watch him munch.  He seemed unperturbed by our presence.  Seeing him was GREAT!  He was the first sea turtle of the trip.
We also got to see a lot of great fish, as usual... but the other highlight was the sting ray.  Cool!
When we were done, we hiked back.
The rain had stopped by this point although it was still very gray and dark.
We went to Maho bay (with our good friends, the chickens) and spent the rest of the day there reading, napping, eating, filming, etc.

The sun peeked out in spurts - but it was never the glorious day we had hoped for.
(Although we DID we see two rays frolicking in the really shallow water of our bay right before we left.)
When the noseeums started biting, it was time to leave.
We popped by Starfish again on the way home and bought stuff for dinner (sometimes it is just too much work to go back out).
D has a meeting in town tonight.
I'll probably make dinner.

Tomorrow we pack up and leave here and head over to STT for the day.

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