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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

St. John Vacation - Day 9

I am sitting here typing this while D is changing the FLAT TIRE on our jeep that we woke up to.  BUMMER!  But it DOES give me a little time to write about yesterday.

We got up early - 6:30AM (which, for all the CA folk is 2:30AM) to get packed up and ready to be down at the docks at 7:30.  We handed in our passports and customs money because we were going to be in British waters and on British soil all day.  We took off on the "Bad Kitty" (I know.  I know.  But I didn't name it) 
for Virgin Gorda (fat virgin).  It took over an hour and a half, but we were zooming across the glittering azure ocean under an expanse of aqua sky with a few cotton ball clouds scattered here and there... who could mind?
We arrived in Spanish Town to clear customs then on to "The Baths".
The "Baths" is short for Batholiths which comes from the Greek bathosz "depth", lithosz "stone".  These are AMAZING rock caves and tunnels and caverns that you can hike through.  There is one cavern called the "cathedral room"... it is SO beautiful, people even get married in it!
 When the light shines in a certain way, apparently, it lights up all the walls like stained glass windows. We had to swim in to this area, so WE DIDN'T GET TO BRING OUT CAMERA!!!  Tell me we were not grumbling and complaining the WHOLE time to each other that we didn't have our camera.  It became the joke of the trip for everyone "Don't you 
wish you had your camera?"... "Oh, this would be a great time for a Kodak moment." etc.
When we got back on the boat, we finally got to take some photos with them in the distance... definitely NOT the same :o(

Then we rode about 10 minutes to Cooper Island for lunch.
The bay was so turquoise it almost blinded.
Lunch was mediocre... thankfully, they was not the point.
Back on the Bad Kitty and off to The Indians for snorkeling.

The Indians were a big out-cropping of rocks off the coast of Norman Island.
We snorkeled around these and saw jelly fish and heard a parrot fish munching the coral (did you know his munching and digesting and *ahem* pooping make sand???).
Our guide, Antonio free dives and can go down up to 60 feet with no tank or anything.
It was fun to watch him swim like a fish while we tourists bobbed above him.

At the end, we headed to Jost Van Dyke (pronounced Yost), another BVI.  
We pulled up onto yet another crystalline beach and spent about an hour there before heading back for St. John and going through customs to come back into America.
What a GREAT trip!

For dinner we went to Morgan's Mango for lobster and steak.
We came back and watched a movie before bed.

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