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Thursday, November 20, 2008

St. John Vacation - Day 11

Our last day of vacation started early, 7:30AM.
Our alarm went off and we hopped up and started packing and tidying.
D had washed all the muddy evidence of off-roading off the jeep the evening before, so it was all house stuff.
Laundry, dishes, packing, putting stuff  away etc.
We filled the bananquits sugar water one last time (by now, they had invited ALL their friends!!!... it was a bananaquit PARTY!)
(I know, this is a terrible picture, but I wanted to show how MANY there were.)
We said goodbye to our view and the house and the island and headed off to the car barge.
We got in line and the timing looked GREAT!  We had guessed (and if you guess wrong, you could be waiting a LONG time for the next ferry.)  We were maybe the 5th car in line... the car ferry fits probably about 20-25.  We got on and departed pretty quickly.  We were chugging away from STJ by 8:45.  

We got into Red Hook and Dad (D) expertly maneuvered through traffic to K-Mart where we purchased a new duffle bag to check (we ALMOST didn't make the 50lb. weight on the way here, and we didn't want to go through that again, so we decided to just check 2 bags this time).
The we picked our way through Charlotte Amalie back to The Green Iguana.  
Sue let us check in early (10:15), which was REALLY nice.  We put our bags in our room,
 got swimsuits on, and were heading to Magen's Bay by 10:40 and on the beach by 11:00.  (Again, nothing short of miraculous left-hand driving by Dad!!!)

Magen's (pronounced like the girl's name Megan) was a big bay, crowded with cruise ship day-trippers.  But we could walk down far enough to get away from it all.
The day was nice enough but we sure missed our beach chairs :o(
We swam and read and napped.
We ate lunch at the snack bar the swam, read, and napped some more.
All in all a perfect last day.

We met a young couple from Iowa on the beach and were able to give them some tips and encouraged them to make a day trip to STJ for the day.
We had to go find gas and TRIED to go shopping for a few souvenirs but parking proved to be a nightmare, so we gave up and went back to the hotel and showered and got ready for dinner.
We went to Cuzzin's (local, Caribbean fare) with another couple who was just BEGINNING their vacation and staying the night at Green Iguana.

Our flight is super early in the morning (be at the airport checking in at 6:00AM).
We will be at LAX by 3:45 if everything goes smoothly.
Then we jump back in to high speed life with Lando's CIF game up near Magic Mountain on Saturday night and Miss M's round of 32 League Cup game Sunday.
After having a nice long break, this actually sounds like a fun way to spend the weekend... we are looking forward to it!

Love you!!!!!!!!!


  1. So I've yet to meet you but feel like I know you and have been reading your blog, very jealous of the vacation you took. I must ask....did you get lost on the way home cause you've been stuck on vacation day 11 for weeks.
    Just making sure you weren't trolling around trying to find your way home...


  2. HAHAHA! Good point Anne.
    I should probably update.

    Vacation is GREAT coming home to all the catch-up work on the back side?... NOT so much fun!
    My update post would have to be a photo of me CHAINED to my computer working like crazy.