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Sunday, May 9, 2010

❤ ❤ ❤ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ~ⓜⓞⓣⓗⓔⓡⓢ~ⓓⓐⓨ❤ ❤ ❤ PART 2

We had a lovely family day.

After receiving the BEST gift EVER (see my video in the post below!!!!), D & I went out to bagels for breakfast. We came home and relaxed a while.

Then we met the rest of the family (Grampie, Grammie, Elle, Drew, and even Jade's friend, Kyle - but not Sar because she had to work :( at the movie theater for IRON MAN 2.

Then we went to Islands for dinner. FUN - as always!

After that, to Cherry on Top for frozen yogurt (thankfully, they had caramel mocha with heath bar topping for Grammie - YAY!).
Grammie opening her Brighton nightlight.

Grammie in her favorite spot she created to eat her yogurt!
Grammie obsessed with Titanic :)
Then they all stopped by our house to see how the closet is coming along (I LOVE to show it off).

Then everyone quickly dispersed. Lando headed back to school, Jade took Sara out for a date, Elle headed home, G&G also went home (Grampie just got back from Thailand and is BEAT).

All in all an enjoyable and love and family filled day.
And now it's REAL people, because I blogged about it!... so you can relax, it actually happened!

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  1. Oh good - it's real now that you blogged about it. I need to get back to blogging. I've turned into a Suezi! Sounds like a fun day!