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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Closet Continuation

As D progresses on the closet renovation, I simply MUST gush a little!
His expertise and work ethic have made this probably the cheapest renovation on the face of the planet. It has taken VERY little in the way of supplies to create this room... it has take WAY more time and knowledge and sweat equity. He has saved us a fortune (like he does on SO many things like car maintenance and repair etc.).

It is moving along at QUITE a steady pace, especially considering he is also running his own business and going out on appliance repair calls!

New door cut into wall between our bedroom & new closet.
View of framed in new wall with drywall still to be hung.
View from other angel - looking in at what USED to be a huge, floor to ceiling window that has now been framed in and covered with drywall.
View from our room of what USED to be our closet - with all the shelving & hanging rod removed - into the new closet.

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