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Thursday, May 27, 2010

22 Years~

Twenty two years ago D and I said "I do" to each other.
We said we would (in sickness and in health).
We said we would (in richer and poorer).
We said we would (for better or for worse).
We said we would (as long as we both lived).

When you are young and in love, this seems like it would be an effortless task.
As in:
The Pastor asks - "Will you take D for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, in richer and poorer, as long as you both shall live?"
To which I answer "DUH!" or "No problem" or something equally blithe.

But 22 years gives you both a ton of large doses of reality and a LOT of perspective.
Sickness, poorer, and worse - for life is a long and hard proposition... Sooooooooooooo much longer and harder than you could EVER help a young engaged couple to understand.
And yet...

And yet.

The health, better, and richer parts... a lot deeper and fuller than you could EVER help a young engaged couple to understand.
SO worth it.
And you only get those if you hang in there through the sickness, poorer, and worse parts.

But would you choose it all, if you knew the whole picture in advance???
I think maybe that's part of the reason God doesn't let us know much in advance?...
Would you have kids if you knew all the possible fear, heartache, tears, and pain (even with the promise of joy, passionate adoration, giggles, and love)?
Would you have friends if you knew all the possible losses, hurts, betrayals, moves, abandonments, fights?
Would you drive a car if you knew you could crash?

I don't know why the answer is yes, but it seems to be.
For most of humanity, most of the time, the answer is a resounding yes.
I think it is (at least partly) because we were built - created - to HOPE. We were designed by God for connection and LIFE (full and abundant) and to want the best, long for the best, believe the best, hope for the best... even though sometimes it makes no sense.

And to love and to be loved... is there really anything better to take a risk for? (Although I think, in the end, I am GLAD I didn't know in advance all that I was choosing... but I wouldn't UNchoose it :)

Let me cease waxing philosophical and say that in celebration of these 22 years of sickness, health, richer, poorer, better and worse, D & I spent a few nights in the Desert - just the 2 of us (thanks Jesses!).

We went to Palm Springs for the day on Sunday... It was (strangely) gray & rainy.
We hiked out Tahquitz Canyon to the waterfall.
We brought a little picnic and enjoyed it in the sunshine on a rock with a perfect view of the crashing falls. It could NOT have been any prettier!

For those that ever want to go:

It is in Palm Springs. (Exit the 10 and head into town. Get over onto Palm Canyon Dr. - the "main drag" - When it bends, keep going straight. Turn right on Mesquite. The visitor's center is up ahead and you park in their lot.)

You HAVE to pay their admission price of $12.50 for adults and $6.00 for kids for a wrist band (or you are trespassing).
It is a 2 mile hike that they consider "moderate" - we saw people with toddlers & kids on the hike and we saw a couple grandmothers.
It is a loop (if done correctly - although many just hiked the same trail up & back).
The waterfall is seasonal so, do not wait too long in the summer to go out there (it will depend on how much rain there has been that winter).
In the summer, it sounds like the are closed Monday - Thursday.

Hiking toward falls, by streeam
At the falls (cell phone camera)
At the falls (cell phone camera)
After the hike, we drove to 3 mid-century modern Inns/hotels in town.
We got out of the car and looked around all 3 and they even took us in and showed us a room or two - AWESOME!

Then after that, we drove through one of the MANY mid century modern neighborhoods just to appreciate the architecture.

We ate at a crappy mexican restaurant on the strip (Maracas - avoid it. Yes, I already wrote my Yelp review) then headed back to Rancho Mirage and saw "Robin Hood" at The River.
The next day was POOL day all day then dinner at the Yard House.
Tuesday was pool for a few hours before driving home (with 1/2 hour stopover at Cabazon outlets) to sad, sick and mopey kids :(

It was a relaxing - if too short - weekend. (THANKS Grammie & Grampie for watching the kids.)

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  1. I loved this post. It was really touching and amazing. I shared it on Facebook (part of it). Hope you don't mind.