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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day at Walt's Place

Disneyland on New Year's Day was PACKED (had to park at Convention Center!)... you had to wait in LONG lines just to enter the parking structure, buy a ticket, or get into the park.  

But it sure was purty.

In front of the HUGE Christmas tree on Main Street

Christmas-y view down Main Street (Elle, Grammie, Jade, C)

Mom sitting on the ground to take photos during snow ("snoap").

Jade & C ~ on new Toy Story ride (Jade beat us all with 154,000 points)

Sleeping Beauty's Castle Kiss
Went on the new Small World all decked out for Christmas.
Went on Haunted Mansion all decked out as "Nightmare Before Christmas"... GREAT!!!
Went from 3:30PM -11:30PM.

Worth it!!!

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