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Sunday, January 11, 2009

From Beard to Beardless

So yesterday, I made the decision to take the plunge back into facial hairlessness. It sad departing from something that had become such an integral part of my identity but I managed to do it. I also managed to have a little fun with and documented the process at various stages and I am now providing those for your entertainment. Let's have fun and everyone vote for their favorite stage!

Stage #1 - The Full Beard

Stage #2 - The Goat

Stage #3 -  The Big "O"

Stage #4 - The 'Stache

Stage #5 - The Nude

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  1. Hahaha!
    Wow... that WAS quite the progression!
    I like the "goat".
    The "O" looks like it is framing a "butt chin".
    The 'stache is SO tom selleck or CHP!
    You look handsome hairless... what made you shave?

  2. Oh... was I supposed to vote? Sorry.
    Funniest? - prolly 'stache.
    Best? - hairless or maybe even goat

  3. I like either the goat or nude. I can't get into 'staches altho' I know they're making a comeback. The "O" is just wrong! :-)

  4. Book ends are where it's at. Full or jack-diddly, that's what I say. You look either dignified or youthful. and that's kinda cool.


  5. I think the cleancut look is really impressive. Although the stache was pretty interesting. Either way, you are a very handsome young man. Love you, Grampie

  6. I love both the yeti look and the smooth as a baby's bottom look. The goat's okay. The stache will give me nightmares from here on out. As far as favorite... can't decide between the beard and the clean-cut look.

  7. The 'stache is just a little creepy. Not just yours, mind you. I think 'staches in general bring an aura of discomfort. I think "Our Tribe" nailed it with the framing of the butt-chin, however it kind of looked like a picture taken from behind of someone swinging naked on a furry swing. The "nakey" look gets my vote you have quite the baby-face... milk it for all it's worth.