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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We're so proud #1

This is our eldest.
The first fruit of our loins.
In his Halloween costume.
We couldn't be prouder.

Not sure what he is?
Check out this video.

I call this post "We're so proud #1"  because I feel fairly certain that I will get to share MANY more proud parenting moments like this with you over the months.  
Oh how I wish we had Deevs performing in the school talent show in 4th grade, playing "ode to joy" on the recorder with his NOSE!


  1. You have to admit, for pulling that together in under an hour, I did one frickin' heck of a job!!!

    (OK, so it wasn't the most complex costume in the world but I'm still darn proud of it!)

  2. Pretty clever actually, my dear!!!

  3. that's the funniest thing EVER! Great bod Jordan!

  4. I was, personally, amazed!!! I'm just glad I got see it in person! ;)

  5. That was very creative, Jor! You could go anyway in that outfit - who would know?

  6. jor you look so funny!!!!! here's some advice don't go out in public in that!!!! you will humiliate yourself!!!! I'm not shy AT ALL but in that thing you couldn't pay me enough to go out in public!!!! hahaha i'm just kidding but you do look funny!(well you might be able to get me out in public in that but it would have to be in cash and it would have to be 100 or more)