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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Broken Toe Futbol

Tough. Dedicated. Stud!
Back in July, Miss M broke her big toe in 2 places.
I finally took her to the Dr. a month later!  He said NO SOCCER for at least 6 weeks!
(That lasted for about a week.)
She felt like she was letting her whole team down too much by not playing... but we didn't want her to re-injure herself terribly.  

Poor broken Miss M on the night of the break.

The compromise? 
Attend practice but not practice and only play in the game each weekend.

Yes, she is a little rusty and a little out of shape from not practicing, 
we beat the Lions today 2-0... and Miss M scored!

It wasn't pretty but it was still a goal (see the keeper on the ground right next to her?).

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