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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dog's Life

(Jouie: pronounced "zjouey")

Jouie has a lovely life.

I want to be Jouie in my next life... (but only if my kids can still be my puppies!?)

She snuggles with me or Miss M at night while she sleeps (burrowed DEEP down in the bottom under the covers, but still touching our body).

She lays soaking up a patch of sunlight on our wood floors.

She tromps exuberantly through the bushes on the back slope collecting fleas and giving them rides (into the house?).

She eats her own meals and then cleans up after ours (slurp slurp).

She perches by the window waiting for us to come home.

She naps. She eats.  She plays.
Ahhhh... it's a dog's life!

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