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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Football Fall

Oh my GOSH!
Varsity football is a whole new world and we are having the best time with it... what fun!
Winning is especially nice.
And having Lando actually playing 
(instead of being 3rd string as it looked like he was going to) is even better.

Then, having him score 2 touchdowns in two games is EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Every position in football is so valuable and necessary, but is sure fun to have Lando playing offense - in a position to even GET to score... let alone score.
WOW!  What a treat!
He is having the most AWESOME time.  
He is really regretting having not played for all of high school until walking on as a Senior.
He is now wishing he could play in college.

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deevs, S, D, Jade, C and her little bros.

Mom, Dad, Jade, C and little bros, Miss M

Lando (#41)

Big Blue wins again!


  1. ok. in the picture with every one who went i do want you to know i did go to the game to support landon but i was taking the picture :) (i know its a great picture to) but i was there.

  2. Poor Mad!
    I will add a photo with you sweet pants!