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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Ode

Even with all our craziness and issues, there are a LOT of reasons why I (S) love & respect D.  Too many to name, in fact, but I would be remiss if I didn't list a few here:

He is generous. His first reaction is always to GIVE... even at discomfort to himself.  Where I am a little more frightened and selfish, he is always ready to share, give, offer, work, extend, stretch, sacrifice.

If he orders the YUMMIEST thing on the menu and is ecstatically enjoying it and I have ordered something that I don't much like at all, he will look up from a delectable bite which he is adoring and OFFER TO TRADE!  He will take my unfavorite meal in exchange for his delicious one.  (In my book, THAT'S love!)

Still on the food note; he will be slurping up a particularly yummilicious meal and will be down to the last bites at which point I will notice how tasty it looks and ask for a bite.  Aside: If he did this to me, I just might have a meltdown, but not D.  He will - without hesitation  - offer me the very last (best!) bite, if I want it.

D is big and strong and will kick a "bad guy's" butt if a bad guy dared to mess with his family.  He can lift up his 6'3" son after scoring a touchdown in varsity football (while still having "proud papa" tears in his eyes).

I simply adore D's large, square, rough, calloused hands (especially when they are on my back).  And I love that a couple of the kids have Daddy's hands.

A wave of love (and I must admit, lust) sweeps over me when I watch him fix stuff.  Sweat trickling down his forehead and back from the heat and effort, I love that I never have to call a to call a “fix-it” guy to install, repair, make or install anything. He can do everything in the house with those calloused hands I love.

Although his tidiness is sometimes an annoyance, it is also a blessing.  He will do not only his own laundry, bit also mine and the kids.  He will do the dishes, sweet or mop the floor, clean the windows, vacuum stairs, scrub toilets, change diapers (in the olden days which seem to VERY far past), wash & vacuum cars, and ___________ (fill in the blank).

D will let me hold the remote.

He will always be willing to say "sorry" and try to make up after a fight... If he must, he will even write love notes ore bring flowers if he thinks that will make things OK again.  

He has integrity.  He REALLY tries to treat others the way he wants to be treated.

He PLAYS with the kids!  He will play board games, throw a football, boogie board, wrestle, tell jokes (sometime bawdy ones), laugh at videos of people falling down (like the one below).   This is NOT my gift!

And I love and respect this man because after 20 years, he still looks at me like this:


  1. I love that I get to be the first to leave a comment for this! I still have tears on my cheeks from reading it.

    Stacie, thank you for sharing some of the little things as well as the big things. As you have expressed to me in the past, it is a blessing for those of us that you allow to watch God work in you! I am so blessed (now I can barely see my keyboard throught my tears) to have you as my sister AND so fortunate to be your friend! THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU!

    Darren, I LOVE YOU! I am so glad you are still willing to be humbled by God and allow yourself to be viewed by others. I am so glad God has been able to show a glimmer of His love through Stacie and that she has been willing to let Him work in her while He is working in you. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I love you and I consider myself blessed to have you as a brother.

    Sorry for all of the mush, but I had no choice. I am incredibly grateful God gave you one another, because nobody else could have put up with either one of you! Ya'll are CrAzY! I wouldn't change it if I could! xoxox

  2. thanks for the tears this morning friend. Hugs to you and D