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Sunday, March 7, 2010

D's Big 4-0 (+2)

This year was birthdays 40 +2. (Last year was 39+1.)
This year D owns his own business.
Last year, he was still working for Caesar's.
This year he worked all day on his birthday.
Last year, he took his birthday off (first time EVER!).

His birthday was Thursday, so he got a 40th/2nd bday dinner (turnabout deserves fair play!!!)

We just invited a few friends (and a few other friends dropped by too!). We catered from Tutto Fresco (yum!) and I made a few hors d'oeuvres and sausages & peppers (Darren's friend Andy thought that meant that I stuffed them into casings and everything - heehee!)


Grampie & Grammie were out of town but we used their lovely (and large) home. (You know what they say about "the cat" being away.) Grammie has the BEST set up for entertaining: zillions of folding chairs, wood toppers for tables - to make them bigger - enough plates, cups, and silverware to feed an army, plus BOWLS, tongs, supplies... everything! ~ ~ THANKS Mom & Dad!!!!

Lando asking God to bless the dinner and the Birthday Boy!
Dinner time

Birthday Boy starts the buffet
One of the tables
Birthday wishes
The guys
Mmmmmmmmmm... cakes! (and Suezi's cupcakes for Jaxon's 13th!)
Serving cakes

Playing pool

Karaoke (Suez & Shel)
More karaoke (Elle & Em)
Enjoying the serenading
A "thank-you-for-my-party" kiss (maybe it wasn't so terrible after all?)
It was a great evening. Shelly (our official event photographer) summed it up well when she emailed "Last night was a total blast! We really hated leaving... Great friends, great food, great fellowship...great

singing!!!! :-0"


  1. Those pictures don't look that bad after all! We all had fun - but did Darren have fun? I hope so! Love the new addition of "you might also like" - pretty cool!

  2. nice blog addition. we had a great time too! Shell always has a way of summing it up just right!

  3. Darren DID actually have a nice time! We both had fun and I was glad I did it (even though I was scared and working outside my comfort zone!!!).