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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bday x 2

Happy birthday Daddy!
1 year and 39 years both celebrated on the same day.
What a blessing and a gift.

Waiting for Dad to open his gifts.
Opening gifts.
Bijou loves presents.
Daddy loves presents.
Jade loves wrapping paper?
This is the first year Dad has EVER taken a day off for his birthday.  He takes it off work almost every year for Mom's birthday, but never for his own.  So that was special and unique in and of itself.  When the kids got home from school we all went out for ice cream (Grammie came too) and then Grammie took the kids to Small Groups while Mom & Dad went shopping for more gifts for Dad with his birthday money (thanks grammie & grampie!!) then cuddled up and watched a movie.

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  1. What a fun day worthy to celebrate!!! Looks like you all had fun! So what did Darren get - a JVC something??? I can't tell??