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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Bear Date Weekend

The Runyons offered us their FABULOUS cabin in Big Bear for the weekend - and all the kids were either not ABLE to go (Miss M had mandatory rehearsal, Jade had a friend in from VA for the weekend, Lando had a show) or did not want to (Deevs wasn't particularly interested in being an only child for the weekend).

So D and I went ALONE for a restful and romantic (and virtually FREE) weekend together!

We kinda thought we would ski/snowboard (and even brought out stuff... but we didn't. We rented 3 movies and watched them all (and then - on the way home - we stopped by a theater and saw Shutter Island) - wow! that was a LOt of cinema!!!

We ate at 3 different Big Bear establishments. 2 which we found on Yelp.
Sweet Basil's (yummy)
The Himalyan (adequate and disorganized chaos!)
And one which we did not.
Teddy Bear Cafe. I wrote a Yelp review and a manager contacted me and apologized. He said they got new (clean) blinds and told the servers to clean the floors better. He offered me free meal tickets as an apology... very nice & generous! I was pretty impressed!!!!!

We also went snowshoeing 2 different times. Neither of us had done this before and we both really enjoyed it. Even though it was freezing we worked up a good sweat and I even took my jacket off.
Snowshoeing together
Mom showshoeing
Check out that beautiful scenery!
Crossing a bridge

VIDEO - Snowshoeing

We had a great time. We wished the kids had been with us... but at the same time, it was some much-needed R&R for us as a couple. We rested and napped and played and ate and watched movies and enjoyed nature... JUST what the Dr. ordered!

VIDEO - The drive home was SNOWY!

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  1. Okay - I take back my comment about snow shoeing - altho' I would still choose skiing over snow shoeing - I can see how snow shoeing could be kinda fun!