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Friday, February 5, 2010

TOMS Shoes - A TOMS Love Story

I sent an email to TOMS shoes telling them about how Jade & Sara met and how TOMS played a contributing role. They were tickled enough by the story that they featured them on their blog and in their blast marketing email. And it looks like it might have generated other interest as well (stay tuned).

The email blast

The TOMS blog website

The blog post

tell us your TOMS love story!

February 3rd, 2010 by admin

A few weeks ago, an amazing story fell in to our inbox about a couple who met because of TOMS. Not only did the two TOMS fans fall passionately in love with one another, they are now engaged to be married and plan for their entire bridal party will wear TOMS! See the Mother of the Groom’s story below…

When we were in Virginia on vacation this past summer (from our home in CA) our delightful, 22 year old bearded, tattooed web designer son and our family were eating burgers at little retro diner in Williamsburg.

We were approached by a (brave!) girl “My friend wanted me to give you her number” is what she told our son. Yes, this cute and stylish 20 year old thought our son was cute… but what clinched it was that he was wearing TOMS! Because he was fashionable AND socially conscious she could NOT let this opportunity pass by!

He called her. They dated cross-country (interrupted briefly by his 6 week trip to help orphans in Kenya). They are now planning their Virginia wedding and they want everyone in the wedding party (bride, groom, attendants, flower girls – parents???) to wear TOMS!

(mother of the groom)


The happy couple rowing in Central Park, “Sara came to visit and a TOMS love story had begun..”

Although this is a beautiful and incredible story, we’re convinced there’s more like them… So tell us- did wearing TOMS land you an awesome relationship? Do your friends label you and your honey the “TOMS couple”? Would you dump your boyfriend if he stopped wearing TOMS? Post a comment below and tell us your TOMS love story!

See Jordan & Sara’s engagement photos after the jump!

The post generated a lot of comments. Here is one I didn't think would hurt their feelings - haha! (It says "They are clearly models and this is a publicity stunt, but if it sells you more shoes then go for it :)" ) SEE BELOW.

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