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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miscellaneous Life Shots (Jan '10)

Here is a collection of random photos taken over the last month of the various random activities that make up our lives:

Lando has been working with Dad to learn some appliance repair... hopefully not for a lifetime trade, but it may come in handy to hep pay bills & supplement income. Here he is installing our "new" dishwasher (a hand-me-down, but NEW to us :)

Miss M and her friends on "twin day" (although, they made it "triplet day") at Jr. High. They won 2nd place!!!
Scroll down to the bottom of this entry and you will see them - a few weeks later - with their crazy make-up & hair for their drama production.

We went to a football-play-offs-watching-day at Frank & Dawn's... FUN!
We invited the whole clan - and, to my GREAT delight, they ALL came! Jade & Sar, Lando & Emmy, Deevs & Katie, & Miss M (and Tessa was there to hang out with since it was her house).

Chargers lost to Jets and our beloved Vikings (Go Favre!) beat the Cowboys (sorry Dawn :(
(Tho' they would go on to lose to the Saints who won the Superbowl this year.)

"The sensation that is sweeping the nation!"
"The blanket with sleeves!"

"Blankets are OK,
but they can slip and slide -
plus your hands are trapped inside.
The Snuggie™ Blanket keeps you totally warm
and gives you the freedom to use your hands!"

Yes, I finally succumbed and bought a Snuggie (as seen on TV)...
Check out the remote control in the pocket!
Deevs & Kyle at the Kill Ball tournament - their team all dressed as scouts.
Miss M & Lando just hanging around the house (Lando was still home on 6 week winter break)
Sunday, Game Night! (Balderdash, this time.)
Miss M & friends ready for their roles as Hip Hop Faeries in Shakespeare's
"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

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