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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Senior Prom '09

As we quickly approach the end of the year (the end of an era), things begin to wind down and there are many special and momentous events.
One of them being PROM!

Lando & Em went to Prom together which is fitting since they have been such good friends through all of high school.
And what FUN to see Nick there too!  Nick & Lando have been friends for a LONG time!!
(We love Nick.)

A few of the guys: Ant, Nick, Tyler, Matt, Cole. 

"Guys & Dolls":
Bo, Nat, Matt, Nikki, Jade, Lando, Jordan, Em

Flipping over Tyler...

The WHOLE, big group!

The family getting in on the action!!!  (Lando & Miss M)

Lando, Deevs, & Mom

Photo credits (for the GOOD photos) go to Alanna.

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