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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DC Day One

We arrived safely and really, without incident.
In spite of the fact that Jade had to fly separately and had to meet us at Reagan airport, we still made it!
We arrived around 8:30PM local time and caught a cab into the city (about 10 minutes).
We check into out hotel - also without incident and then found our way to a local/Regional restaurant.
Perhaps you have heard of it?: McDonald's.We awoke on the morning of our first real day here and ate our FREE hotel breakfast then

headed out to our appointment at the Capitol...

...only to find out it was closed because someone left their bag unattended and it was deemed and emergency. So we ducked in to the Library of Congress for a while. the kids were SO happy to get to a drinking fountain and to get out of the heat & humidity and into air conditioning.

We peeked out the window from the Library and could see that the Capitol was re-opened so we hustled back over and went on our tour.

We ate a snack in the Capitol the hurried off to our appointment for the Supreme Court (we had to miss the House gallery... we are going to have to go back later in the week for that).

Supreme Court was short & sweet (pretty interesting).
Then we went to the Botanic Gardens.
Then a snack, then back to the hotel.


  1. This is awesome. I am so jealous. I am such a nerd and love museums and libraries and history and tours. You guys are so lucky! Glad that your first day was fun and full of adventure!

  2. Keep it coming friend! Looking forward to reading about your adventures! I loved DC