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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Paper Roller Coaster

I don't want to be a complainer, but

*I am un-fond of when school projects don't seem to correlate with the subject and what they are trying to teach is not really illustrated by the assignment.

*I am NOT a huge fan of work for work's sake - PLEASE, for land's sake, let it have a PURPOSE!

*I do not like projects that the PARENTS have to do (and the kids aren't capable of it) and you walk in the room and you are like "Wow! Mr. & Mrs. Ramalamadingdong should DEFINITELY get a A on that California Mission they built!!!"

*I really dislike when projects cost $40+... especially in this economy... especially when they are firing teachers and canceling summer school but they give no thought to students' FAMILIES spending that much money on a project.

This was one of those projects.
A roller coaster made entirely out of paper, tape and glue ONLY.
For MATH (?!?!?!?)
It was HEAVILY graded for the theme (um... again, where is the math???).
It had to have a loop and a jump and at least 360 degrees in turns (combined).
A marble had to actually be able to "ride" the coaster successfully (the student got 3 tries to make it work).
Most kids' projects were definitely made by the parents (Congrats on that "A" Mom & Dad).
And yes, it cost $40.

That said, Miss M made it 99% by herself and was QUITE proud of herself.

Check out her "Under the Sea" coaster... opening soon at an amusement park near you:

A video of project extraordinaire!

Congratulations on your "A" Miss M.

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