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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Mother's Day 2009 started with a shower and a note under the door from Miss M (ahhh... Mothers are grateful for daughters!!!).

Followed by gifts from Dear Hubby (thanks Babe) and a beautiful handmade card from Miss M (did I mention mothers are grateful for daughters???)

A new hot pink ipod nano?  (To replace to one stolen out of car on driveway grrrrrr!!!)  
And all the accessories!
Lunch with the Fam at Islands... celebrating Mom!  (Thanks Grampie!)
And one more SURPRISE gift from Tiffany & Co.
High five-ing the surprise.
With the new "S" necklace.
The Moms.
D's Mother's Day gift to himself?
A tattoo "wedding ring".
I got an "S" necklace and he got an "S" tattoo.  (Just marking my territory...)


  1. That is awesome. I secretly (not really a secret) have always wanted a tattoo artist at the altar when i get married and instead of ring exchanges, I wanted to exchange tattoos. Haha. :-) Forever, is forever. I'm glad you got all the love that you deserve on Mother's Day!!

  2. WAY TO GO "D"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But your finger makes my finger hurt!!!