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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Senior guys at Lando's school can enter the "Mangeant" (Man Pageant) every Winter/Spring.  Lando entered and competed in formal wear, interview, swim wear, and talent segments to background music which included "It's Raining Men" and other classics.

In Interview, the boys were asked bizarre questions ranging from "when you look in the mirror, what do you see?" ("Me.") to "What ocean borders California?" ("The Pacific") to "What should you do with all the hungry people in the world?" ("Feed them.") to "How would you solve the economic crisis?" ("Create more jobs." - wow!... he should go into politics!)

For swim wear (which had to meet appropriate school dress code) the kids & their escorts were very creative: full wet suits, inflatable inter-tubes, and Lando & Em switched gender roles and Lando wore a sun dress and visor and Em wore "guy" beach clothes... hilarious!  I WISH MY PICTURES HAD TURNED OUT! :o(

In talent, some of the talents were funny:
A couple singing "Can you feel the love tonight" as a duet while other guys blew bubbles and sprinkled rose petals, 3 of the contestants rapped together, 1 guy wrote a hilarious "emo" monologue, one guy did "freestyle rapping" (or should I say "wrapping" because he came out and wrapped a present... hysterical!!!  However, Lando sang, played the piano, and played the guitar - one of the only serious talent performances, and quite good, if this proud Mommy does say so herself!

A movie of the announcements of the winners.  
(Can you tell how bad the lighting & my seats were?)

The proud 1st runner up & his escort!

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