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Monday, February 23, 2009

HSM Bowl 09

This Sunday we were at FloJo from 2PM-6PM for the annual "HSM Bowl" (flag football) through the church high school ministry.
It was the first time I ever remember having all 3 of our boys participating in the bowl one way or another at the same time! (Miss M who is neither a boy nor in High School chose a more girlie venture and went to the mall with a friend.)

Lando's team (the "Charstangs" - 1/2 Chargers & 1/2 Mustangs) woulda coulda shoulda won the whole thing, but it was a fun day nonetheless.

The Charstangs.
Dad & Lando - strategizing?

The Penguinos: Buffalo, Jared, & Deevs

Deev's team, the "Penguinos" had a lot of support and fan paraphernalia. 
Jade was a referee
The Penguinos in huddle.
Deevs going out for a pass
Mom and Dad - #1 fans!  
Mom & Lando
Some photo credits go to Shelly & her new Canon camera and "glass"... Thanks Shel!!!

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