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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freshman Winter Formal (Deevs)

Mom & Dad missed this cuz we were out of town in Lancaster with Miss M for soccer.  (Side note: I guess Miss M's whole team is mad at us for missing soccer next weekend for a family trip to Mammoth.  Heaven forbid anything else be more important than soccer!)

But Jade held down the fort and Stoop's mom sent us pix.
So sad we missed it.
They are getting SO old.
(Must have been a little of a black & white theme with red accents.)

Deevs & Stoop

Sophisticated (love the shoes!)
Secret (check out the lips... and the ring! - matching engraved "forever").
2 couples.  Buffalo, J, Stoop, Deevs.
The guys.
The group.

So sweet.  Such fun!

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