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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deevs Homecoming 09

Deevs goes to one school (where none of their mutual friend go). Katie goes to another (1/2 hour away where none of their friends go). So they decided to go to Homecoming at Deevs' PREVIOUS school where they BOTH know & love a ton of people.

The girls met at 3:00 for photos at church.
Katie apparently got DRENCHED by the geyser (in the water feature/baptismal) and had to drive the half hour home to dry her dress, re-curl her hair, and re-apply her make-up... that has got to be the WORST experience for a girl! Ugh!
After photos (by the ever-fabulous Alanna) at the golf course,

a dip for the dancer
putting on the lovely handmade corsage

handmade corsage & boutonnière
the kids were chauffeured 25 minutes south (back by home) to the lovely dining establishment chosen by their Senior pal Luke:
COSTCO food court!!!!!

The group of 20+ couples dined on a gourmet pre-homecoming meal of hot dogs, chicken bakes, pizza slices, and very berry sundaes. Luke's amazing Mom & Dad (with the help of friends) made the whole thing happen. They decorated, collected money, took orders, waiting in line, placed orders, and delivered the fine fare to the awaiting diners.

We went and took photos and then did some much needed shopping (we were in MAJOR need of a Costco sized pack of toilet paper, thank-you-very-much!).

Then off to the dance.
A fabulous night was had by ALL!!!

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