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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jade is HOME!

Jade arrived back in the good ole US of A today at 6:30AM (our time) via Nairobi, Dubai, and Atlanta.
Hopefully we will get more details & photos later... for now, here are a few.

Jade with Justus, Johnstone & another friend.
After the Prayer Day, Jade & his team stopped in town to order 14 orders of chicken and chips {chips cuckoo} for their dinner party...with the 7 boys that live at the Oasis Centre. They joked about the tiny hut being Cleophas' night club "Omega Two" {a play on the dance club in town "Omega One"}
After an impromptu Sunday dance party, {which Alice says "really means, once Jade and I were done listening to "Single Ladies" on repeat"}, they went inside to teach these smaller kids to play Uno. Alice noted that Mattel had some creative geniuses because Uno requires "little-to-no shared language or skill". She said it was so great to watch all ten of their opponents learn to shuffle through their stack of 7 {small hands, they couldn't hold them all} to find a 7 or a yellow.
Jade shaking "his Isaya" as Alice would say
Rael, Sarah, Irene, Kamau and Jade

Finally, lest we forget that Missionary work is NOT all fun and exotic travel and Uno and dancing and hugging precious children you are in a third world country with PLENTY of dangers lurking nearby:

This is a photo of a dead black mamba that a child found in the bushes. He killed it before it could kill anyone. {Highlights of the wikipedia page: this snake has been claimed to move at up to 19.5 km/h (12 mph), It can strike up to 12 times in a row. A single bite from a black mamba injects enough venom to kill anywhere from 20–40 grown men. Can live in bushes and small trees and also in houses.}

EEK!!!!!!!!! Scares a Mama! (Glad I didn't see that photo 'til they got home!)
Praise God for the fun & exotic travels & Uno & dancing & love & hugging precious children and for their safe return!!!

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