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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween & Stuff 09

We had a variety of costumes this year for a variety of events and yet Halloween itself was a little kooky.
As the kids get older, we are sometimes lucky if we even get a photo at all!!!

D & I didn't even dress up for Halloween... but we DID dress up for Troy's 40th "80's Prom party".

D - the 80's rocker

Me - the 80's "material girl"

Miss M went to a Droopy's party with the boy & girl Droopy groups. She was a nerd (quite believeable, if you ask me... Deev's Math Olympics medal is the icing on the cake). She didn't end up dressing up as anything for Halloween itself and went to church and a party at her friends' house.
Nerd Girl
Droopy Friend (Nico) and Nerd Girl (put together as "prom dates" by the leaders for photos)

Deevs went as Phineas from "Phineas & Ferb" and Katie went as his crush Isabella to their PumpkinFest at church. I still haven't even SEEN them or the photos... I am working on getting them.

AH HA! Got 'em... THANKS Alanna!!!!! xoxo
"Where's Perry the Platypus?"
"Ahhhh! We found Perry!!!"
Cute trio

For Halloween, Deevs went as a "tool". (Here are a few possible definitions from the internet:)

A guy who works out, gets a fake-bake tan, frosted tips in his hair, does anything MTV says is cool. That guy with the tribal arm tattoo who does everything that Maxim and Mens' Health tells him to do.
A guy who wears expensive, name brand jeans (True Religion etc.) and MMA, sub-fighter, Ed Hardy shirts. Ed Hardy is a typical "Tool" fashion statement.
A guy who pops his collar, goes tanning, and wears shirts five sizes too small. Very often, they can be found sporting growing-up-Gotti haircuts with pencil thin facial hair to match. Most of these guys prefer to drive a hot car, one that equally shallow girls will swoon over. They also prefer to listen to bad music.

A Tool will almost never wear long sleeves, and if he does, they are to be rolled up, so that his fore-arm muscles are well exposed. A tool's arms are a very important part of his identity. If a tool were to have no arms, he would cease to be a tool, and would most likely cease to exist altogether. Because of this driving passion to have massive arms, a tool will most likely spend a good amount of time in the gym, Once a solid gym status is accomplished, a tool will come to the gym just to "chill" or check out the women on the treadmills.

He's a Tool

Jade is in Kenya for halloween & his birthday tomorrow.
Lando is at school and we have not even HEARD from him... I don't even know if they are dressing up or anything.

Times, they are a-changin'.

Happy Halloween 2009!

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