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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jordan's Time Zone

I created a "world clock" with our 3 time zones (Pacific USA, Eastern USA, Kenya) so we can always know what time it is in Kitale, Kenya.

But darn it, when I link to it, it works, but when others link to it, it doesn't seem to.
So create your own, if you would like.

If not (or if you need inspiration), here is a photo of what it looks like:

Currently a 10 hour difference between CA & Kenya (not sure how that will change when Daylight Savings is over).

**UPDATE - new clock added for time change to Pacific Standard time on 11/1/09. (Now an 11 hour ahead difference.)


  1. I like your new blog look. :)

  2. I'm LOL at myself - I'm writing the same thing everyone else does - I love your new blog look too. Cute.