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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back 2 School (09)

Can it be "back to school" already?
Summer has come to a close and it's back to the books.
I am grateful summer was a little longer hold-out than in years past... we got to go back on the 10th rather than the usual 2nd or 3rd.
Heck, I'll take every extra day I can get!

We made our traditional first day of school breakfast of Orange rolls.
This was a strange year.
No Jade.
No Lando (we should have made them waaaaayy back in August for Lando, the morning he left for college).
Deevs at 3.
Miss M ate 1.
Times, they are a-changin'.

Deevs had his first day at a new school as a sophomore. But he has been playing football all Summer, so he was already fairly well adjusted & didn't seem that nervous on the first day.
He was supposed to have his driver's license already but ended up not being able to get it as soon as he had hoped, so I got to drive him!!! Woo hoo!!! (Although, by the time I have gotten around to writing this on day 3 of school, he got his license and drove himself for the first time TODAY - more on THAT later!).

He was not real, super into having photos taken ~ haha~

Miss M and Kens on the first day of 8th grade... not longer nervous little "Sevi's".

Not nearly as shy about picture taking as last year. Hamming in up!

Here's to hoping for a GREAT year!!!!!!!!!!!

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