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Saturday, September 19, 2009

VA Sara Family Lunch

Jade went to Virginia to visit his girlfriend Sara, whom you may remember he met on our recent family vacation to Washington DC & Manhattan (on our brief interlude in Virginia when we visited Monticello & Willliamsburg). Then she came HERE for 10 days to visit Jade, see California, and meet the Fam.

She stayed with Elle and met most of us piece by piece however, we wanted to make sure she got to participate in one of our world famous family dinners. However, our schedules just couldn't seem to make it work, so instead, we had a not-so-famous family lunch. No Grammie's spaghetti - sadly - but we're no slouches in the CA hospitality department, we DID get to share a unique & delectable CA treat:
('Course everyone is trying to be stinkin' vegetarians, so they ate in-n-out "burgers" with no meat... a sacrilege, I tell you!)

Everybody got to bring a friend:

Jade & Sara
Miss M & Mary Kate
Lando & Em

Deevs & Xbox (Katie was not able to come - she had family day too)
Enjoying the calories - animal style

D & Sons
Mom & Uncle Drew
Dad & Grammie


  1. Seriously?!?!?! What is with the whole family going vegetarian????

  2. Where did I go wrong????
    (Hahaha ;o)