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Monday, August 24, 2009

Lazy Beach Days of Summer

We have been so grateful to have been able to get to the beach so many times this summer! The air temp has been pretty mild this summer and the water temp has been pretty warm - a very enjoyable beach summer!

These photos are all compliments of our own personal Momarazzi, Shelly with her awesome eye, amazing camera (on "sports mode") and endless patience to stand there and take 1,000 photos in ONE DAY!!!! (Thanks Shel!)

Waiting for the waves
Walking on water?
Jump rope with sea weed
3 jumping at a time
Dad & Bub
The whole gang
Josh & Deevs mugging for the Momarazzi
Dad "sponging"
The waves were pretty big
Catching a wave together
Friends since Moppet Days (Deevs & Josh)
Friends since Moppet days (Miss M & Jordan)
Waiting to skim board
A LONG day
Dana (the Queen of Snacks) & Mom

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